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The music inspires pure joy and everything just makes you get a feeling to bounce in your seat.

Pretty nice, you just might want to make the boundaries of the bottom/top of the room more clear, because I didn't know I could walk past the bottommost floor tiles.

EDIT: if that's the case, then it would help to change the floor tiles to reflect that, because as a player when I play this, I'm just thinking: "why can't my character go to the edge of the arena"

jefvel responds:

Thanks! I'm not completely sure about what you mean. The green dude can't walk completely to the edges, because that would cause the recoil to push the gun perpendicular to the walls if you were shooting inward when hugging the wall

this freakin rules

This game is very well made and is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of gripes I have with it. Mainly that if you hit the shoot button your aim doesn't lock. It's an issue right out of the gate with the first boss, where you have to stop moving the other direction to aim at his hittable side and try to dish as many hits in as you can while he approaches you. Or in the 2nd boss' phase 2 where it does the endless side to side attack and you have to stop to aim at the boss while also avoiding the bats and shits.

You brought it back because you knew what was good for you

LeviRamirez responds:

what do you mean brought back? It never went anywhere...

It's not ogre til I fucking say it's ogre

8BitAnt responds:

shut your fuck MigMoog

Albeit brief, the atmosphere very much feels like a Henry Stickmin game. From the sounds effects and especially to the art.

This kicks major ass, you can really enjoy and savor your progress as you go.


math is rad

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